9M 720 LED Cluster Lights - White Colour (Black Wire)

New -31% 9M 720 LED Cluster Lights - White Colour (Black Wire)

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Brand: Christmas Lights
Product Code: Fairy Lights
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9M 720 LED Cluster Lights - White Colour

These Cluster Lights really make an impression! Dazzling 720 LED Multi Colour lights include 31V BS plug transformer, 8 speeds function controller, 9m approx light length, 16m total wire length (black wire). 

Note: The picture contains White, Multi Colour and Blue Cluster lights. This listing is for the White Colour Cluster Lights. We have other listings for Multi Colour and Blue colour

These super bright LED fairy lights can be safely used indoor and outdoor. They remain cool to the touch when lit and withstand most wind and rain.
These blue colour LED fairy lights are probably the best you can buy. These look fantastic LED's are 3 times as bright as normal bulbs, and they will last 10 times as long (25,000 hour average bulb life). In addition they will save you 90% on electricity compared to traditional fairy lights.

Celebrate Christmas day or any special event with lights is happiness. These popular lights combine the new technology LED (Light Emitting Diode) with the entertainment pleasure, letting you relaxing and enjoying the sparkling lights while saving electricity. These gorgeous fairy lights are an ideal way to decorate your pergola, hang them from your gutters, put them on your hedge, or tree, or decorate at commercial place.


  • Lighted Length: 9m
  • Number of LED Bulbs: 720
  • Lights Colour: Ultra Bright White Colour
  • Save up to 90% on Energy Cost
  • 25,000 Hour Average LED Bulb Life
  • Power Source: 31V
  • 8 Speed Function Controller
  • For Outdoor and Indoor Use
  • Australia SAA Approval (SAA140578EA)
  • Amazingly Bright and Stay Cool Even When On
  • Perfect to Light Up the Outline of Your House, Tree Decoration or Any Other Function
Product Measurements:
  • Total Length: 16m
    • Lighted Length: 9m (from first light to the last light)
    • Last Light to Controller: 7m
Product Cluster Lights
Power Source Mains Power
Light Colour White
Cable Colour Black
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